For most small businesses, some of the technical terms and ideas associated with technology can get overwhelming. Skybox Systems is committed to making I.T. make sense. Our customers understand what’s necessary, what’s overkill, and how a common sense, systematic technology plan will save money, increase productivity, reduce downtime, and strengthen their competitive advantage.

The simple fact is that a well planned, well maintained, computing infrastructure creates a secure environment that allows for the free and uninterrupted flow of data to and from intended sources.

As a small business in the internet age, you need:
· A computer system that supports the applications and processes essential to your present business model while still allowing room for organizational growth.
· A solid, managed, network infrastructure.
· Storage, backup, and recovery for data.
· A system that can be integrated with your communications platform and other systems, thus creating a secure, unified, collaborative, work environment.

Our IT Solutions portfolio Includes:
System Design and Implementation
Network and System Design
Security Architecture and Design
Deployment Services and Integration
Storage Architecture Design
Application and Software Planning
Security Strategy and Program Development
E-mail and Remote Access Administration
Needs analysis and Strategic Planning

Skybox Systems offers full life-cycle of information technology solutions, from initial consultation and definition of requirements all the way through implementation and ongoing operation and maintenance. We support major operating platforms such as Microsoft, Linux, Lotus Notes, and Open Source. Let us help you build a solid foundation. Call or email us and one of our consultants will be happy to serve you.

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Skybox Systems exists because our customers have put their faith in us. Everyday we wake up, we strive to do one thing, and that is to give our customers our best. That's how we're here now, and that's how we'll remain.

Jay Wilson, President