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A good structured cabling project should be planned, installed, and tested properly. That means that it should be done according to manufacturer’s specifications and in compliance with local building codes. Whether it’s one line, or a complete cabling system with a few hundred lines, Skybox Systems has the experience to get it done right, on time, and on budget

Your voice and data network begins at a demarcation point, expands into your MDF or telephone room, patches into horizontal cabling (Cat5E, Cat6, Multi-Mode Fiber), and terminates in the area of the end user. Skybox Systems can custom design a solution that fits your current business model while at the same time considering the potential growth of you organization.

We also do Demarc extensions, DS3 cabling, Cat-3/Cat5e Tie cables, Single Mode Fiber, and Plant testing/Certification. Please ask us about any additional requests you may have.

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Skybox Systems exists because our customers have put their faith in us. Everyday we wake up, we strive to do one thing, and that is to give our customers our best. That's how we're here now, and that's how we'll remain.

Jay Wilson, President